Royal Navy begins testing ‘remote-controlled minehunter’
16 April 2014

A remote-controlled boat which could replace the current generation of minehunters will be tested by the Royal Navy before the end of the year.

The motorboat Hazard – currently being put through its paces by a specialist team of sailors in Portsmouth Naval Base – can act as the ‘mother ship’ to an assortment of hi-tech remote-controlled and robot submersibles.

Iron Duke's 'double whammy' as new radar fires new missile for first time
15 April 2014

HMS Iron Duke used the newest radar in the Royal Navy’s inventory to fire her improved air defence missile, the final version of the trusty Seawolf.

The Portsmouth-based warship is the first to receive the 3D Artisan radar, which can simultaneously track up to 800 targets at ranges up to 125 miles from the frigate.