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Commandos go behind enemy lines in practice rescue
7 July 2015

More than half a dozen helicopters from the Fleet Air Arm, Royal Air Force and Army Air Corps, plus ground crews and commandos practised saving downed fliers in a two-day exercise on Dartmoor.

Royal Marines of 42 Commando were expected to fight off enemy troops while Commando Helicopter Force fliers picked up the stranded crew near Okehampton on Exercise Forlorn Hope.

Sunken Saracen found as explorer locates lost submarine after 70 years
26 June 2015

Deep-sea explorers have finally found the wreck of submarine HMS Saracen more than 70 years after she was lost in the Mediterranean.

The boat landed spies on Corsica and sank Axis shipping before being forced to scuttle after Italian patrol ships cornered her in the summer of 1943.