Navy’s new F35 jet to make UK debut at two air shows this July
17 April 2014

The Navy’s next-generation strike fighter will make its first appearance in British skies this summer when it debuts at two of the world’s biggest air shows.

The F35 Lightning II – the punch of Britain’s two future aircraft carriers – will be appearing at the Fairford and Farnborough shows in July, the first time the stealth fighter has appeared outside the USA.

Royal Navy begins testing ‘remote-controlled minehunter’
16 April 2014

A remote-controlled boat which could replace the current generation of minehunters will be tested by the Royal Navy before the end of the year.

The motorboat Hazard – currently being put through its paces by a specialist team of sailors in Portsmouth Naval Base – can act as the ‘mother ship’ to an assortment of hi-tech remote-controlled and robot submersibles.