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Close encounters of the third kind for Dartmouth cadets
2 December 2016

Wildcats have dropped in on officer training at Dartmouth to give would-be naval leaders a more realistic test.

The college is increasingly making use of air power to give officer cadets an insight into the ‘third dimension’ of naval warfare, including during their two-week final assessment.

Expert Naval air engineers recognised for preventing “catastrophic” damage to helicopters on vital Ebola mission
1 December 2016

Boffins whose advice helped save the Navy a multi-million pound helicopter repair bill following the Ebola relief mission in Sierra Leone have been rewarded.

The team of specialist engineers, technicians and scientists from 1710 Naval Air Squadron in Portsmouth Naval Base have been named the MOD’s first ‘innovators of the year’ for their work to ensure the state-of-the-art helicopters remained free from disease – and safe to fly.