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Daring safely escorts 800,000 tonnes of shipping through ‘missile alley’
21 April 2017

HMS Daring has safely escorted more than 800,000 tonnes of shipping safely through ‘missile alley’ in the Red Sea.

The destroyer ran the gauntlet of the Bab al Mandeb Strait, where at least two ships have been hit by missiles fired from land, 20 times.

Just Grampian – work starts on new patrol ship HMS Spey
21 April 2017

Work today began on the fifth and final of the second-generation River-class patrol ships with the first steel cut for HMS Spey.

Tony Douglas, the head of Defence Equipment and Support – the arm of the MOD responsible for procuring new military equipment and looking after it once in service – pressed the button on the laser cutter at BAE’s Govan yard in Glasgow.