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TLC for Triumph after hectic ten months
10 November 2014

The sun has set on the career of HMS Triumph – just for the next eight months – as the hunter-killer arrives in Faslane for a mini-revamp.

The 23-year-old Trafalgar-class submarine will spend three months out of the water in the base’s impressive ship lift facility as part of her refit.

Pictures: CPO(Phot) Tam McDonald, FRPU North

THE sun goes down over Helensburgh – and over the career of HMS Triumph for the next eight months as she arrives in Faslane for a mini-refit.

The Royal Navy’s seventh and last Trafalgar-class nuclear submarine has spent the past 10 months on patrol in UK waters.

Normally based in Devonport, during her refit she will spend three months out of the water in Faslane’s impressive ship lift.

The refit will allow her 100 crew time with their families and the opportunity for some adventure training, including the Royal Navy Ski Championships in Tignes, France in January.

“Triumph – the submarine and her people – has been working extremely hard for the last two years,” said her CO Cdr David Filtness.

“The ship’s company is rightly proud of their significant operational success.

“The focus now is maintenance, providing some much-needed time with families and for professional courses, and regenerating the team for operations later in 2015.

“I expect these next few months will fly by for us all.”

Following her refit Triumph will return to the Fleet in 2015. As the seventh and last T-boat, she’s due to continue on active service until 2022.