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Back in time on the Tyne for HMS Example
7 February 2017

Patrol boat HMS Example gave crew, students and VIPs an historical treat when she ferried them up and down the Tyne.

The P2000 dropped guests off at Tynemouth Lighthouse and Newcastle Swing Bridge for unique tours of the wonders of engineering.

HMS Example passing under the Tyne bridge, with the Swing Bridge, High Level Bridge, and Queen Elizabeth II Metro Bridge

GLIDING beneath one of the nation’s iconic bridges, patrol boat HMS Example returns to her berth at HMS Calliope after giving crew and VIPs an historical tour of the Tyne.

The P2000, which gives students from Northumbria universities an insight into the work of the Royal Navy, sailed down river, then up again as experts from the Port of Tyne shared their knowledge of the great river’s history.

Crew and students from the University Royal Naval Unit were joined by the master and deputy harbourmaster of the Port of Tyne, the Deputy Master of Trinity House, the Chairman of Derwenthaugh Marina and a good smattering of reservists from Calliope – all squeezed aboard the 68ft vessel.

Example took them first to Tynemouth Pier Lighthouse, where everyone on board jumped off for a tour of the structure – including a clamber up numerous steps to the top for the more athletic – and talk about the history of the building, which has been saving lives since 1908.

Then it was up river to the Swing Bridge, sandwiched between the Tyne and High Level Bridges. A Blue Badge Tour Guide was on hand to show the sailors and guests around the workings of the 1878 crossing which still relies on the original Victorian machinery to open and close.

“The day was a great way to re-build our relations with HMS Example’s affiliates including Trinity House and Port of Tyne,” said Example’s CO Lt Thomas Stapley-Bunten.

“What better way to bring together these three maritime organisations than an historical maritime tour of the River we all share.”