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HMS Illustrious - a poem

HMS Illustrious - a poem

Postby NNPost » Thu Jul 24, 2014 10:39 am

I am currently serving onboard HMS Illustrious. Having just returned today, my uncle's partner Lorraine Stanley, has written this amazing poem on the train to see her enter Portsmouth harbour for the final time.


Portsmouth Harbour opens it's arms

You warm to it's embrace

People cheer and wave at you

Is this your resting place?

The sun is here to greet you

and crowds aline the dock

to see a ship that sailed so proud

It's time to stop the clock.

The folks that sailed within your soul

Throughout the good and bad

Will share their tales with kith and kin

Of memories both happy and sad.

First glimpse of Portsmouth harbour

was in 1982.

When you loaded up your stock

Then to the Falklands without a due.

With your sister ship Invincible

You served our country well

Then set sail to Bosnia with tales of war to tell.

Boys who've missed their Mothers

Men who've missed their wives

Stand proud upon the good ships bow
Prepared to give their lives.

From Bosnia to Iraq and onto Sierra Leone

You continued on your worthy quest

to keep us safe at home

To all the  folk that sailed with you

Although now a little rusty

I'm sure are feeling proud today

Of the the carrier known as Lusty.

Lorraine Stanley (c) 2014

Sent in by AET Tom Baker, HMS Illustrious
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