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August Obituaries - 2016

August Obituaries - 2016

Postby NNPost » Wed Aug 17, 2016 2:35 pm

Rear Admiral Hugh A H G Edleston. HMS Rhyl, Excellent, Beachampton, Cochrane, Dundas, Euryalus, Glamorgan, Dryad, Southampton, Glasgow and Cardiff, also JSDC, UKMARBATSTAFF and Naval Party 1061. June 13.

Capt John T Checketts. HMS Victorious, Ariel, Fulmar, Daedalus, President, Nuthatch, Theseus and Merlin also MOD DGA(N), DN Plans, Procurement Exec, NA Rio de Janeiro. June 6.

Cdr Frank D Wilson. HMS Eagle, Fulmar, Ark Royal, Excellent, Royal Arthur, Fearless, Nelson and Osprey, also CinCNavHome Command. April.
Cdr John M Woollen RNR. List 1 RNR. Aged 83.
Lt Cdr Timothy O Adkin. 1832, 1849 and 1850 Naval Air Squadrons. April.
Lt Cdr George W Barras. 830, 815, 750 NAS, HMS Seahawk, Hermes, Ark Royal, Heron, Fulmar, Peregrine and Victory (RNB). June 11. Aged 85.
Lt Cdr Steven V Bridges. HMS London Dryad, Ganges, Fife, Sultan, Amazon, Andromeda, Cambridge, Guernsey, Tamar and Heron. June 13. Aged 69.
Lt Cdr Charles H Cantan. 899, 800, 750 NAS, HMS Heron, Osprey, London, Invincible, Minerva and FO Naval Aircraft. June 7.
Lt Cdr Peter D Elburn. HMS Fife, Sea Eagle, Warrior, Charybdis, Def Op Analysis Establishment, ATE Teddington and NATO. June 21. Aged 80.
Lt Cdr Ian B MacLeod. HMS Triumph, Birmingham, Urania, Fulmar, Heron and Hermes. May 18. Aged 80.
Lt Cdr Neville A Rendall. HMS Eagle, Pembroke, Ambrose, Alliance, Maidstone, Illustrious, Ceylon and Jamaica. June 3. Aged 87.
Brian Arnold WO MEA(M). Served 1963-98. HMS Ganges, Corunna, Protector, Bulwark, Fife, Leeds Castle and Active. Loan Service Belize, FOSF, DG Ships Bath and IFOS (Nelson). July 3. Aged 68.
J R ‘Jim’ Goodwin CPO Mech. Served 1953-75 in 11 ships, including HMS Implacable, Cavalier and Tyne. The Royal Naval Engineroom Association. June 20. Aged 80.
Walter Kerkhoff LME. Served 1944-57 in HMS Brisenden, Indomitable and Mauritius. The Royal Naval Engineroom Association. June 19. Aged 90.
James H ‘Blood’ Reed PO. Joined HMS St Vincent 1937 and aged 16 as Boy 1st Class served in HMS Iron Duke Norwegian Campaign and North Sea Patrol, then HMS Glasgow Mediterranean and Eastern Fleet. LS onboard Vanoc on Atlantic Convoys, with Force H on Operation Torch in the Med. Promoted AA GI at HMS Excellent aged 21 then joined HMS Indomitable at Scapa Flow to join war in the Pacific. Continued Service till 1952 in Royal Fleet Reserve. Later started the RN Boys Memorial project to remember those killed in Service before the age of 19. Memorial stone in Portsmouth Cathedral was followed with his Books of Remembrance in Devonport, Chatham, Portsmouth, Liverpool and RNAS Cerberus, Melbourne, Australia. Hon Member of HMS St Vincent and past member of Gunnery GI Association. June 18. Aged 94.
David ‘Scouse’ Southward PO(AEA). Served 1975-99. TAS in HMS Gurkha then transferred FAA. NAM HMS Euryalus 1981; NAS 737, 703, 829 and 815 Portland; NATEC at Daedalus and Martsu. Westlands and BAE Saudi Arabia post-RN. June 24. Aged 57.
John Clarke REA(AIR). Served 1949-63. HMS Fisgard Series 7 Entry, Frobisher Division as Artificer Apprentice, continued training HMS Collingwood and HMS Aerial then served HMS Eagle, RNAS Lossiemouth, Eglinton and Aerial, RAAF Edinburgh, Woomera Australia (Firestreak weapon trials) and RNAS Daedalus. Civilian Team Manager GCHQ Cheltenham. Magnificent 7 Artificer Apprentices. June 27. Aged 82.
Gerald ‘Jan’ Pring L/A AH2. Served 1951-80 at RNAS Gamecock, Siskin, Daedalus, Ariel, Peregrine, Gannet, Condor, Goldcrest, Heron, Seahawk and Falcon, in HMS Eagle, Centaur, Illustrious, Victorious, Ark Royal, Hermes and Fearless, also HM Barracks Drake, Nelson and Victory. The Aircraft Handlers Association. May. Aged 82.
William ‘Plug’ Girdwood LMEM. Served 1956-67 HMS Narvik, Vanguard, Zest, Rhyl and Caesar. July 8. Aged 76.

Royal Naval Association
Frieda Y Feetham, Army Land Girl. Associate member of Norwich branch. June 18. Aged 88.
Leslie W ‘Bill’ Perks AB. Served 1943-46 on Arctic Convoys and at D-Day in HMS Walker, also Nimrod, Ferret, Orlando, St Angelo, Fabius and Nile. Life member Royal Leamington Spa RNA. Legion d’Honneur & Ushakov Medal. May 30. Aged 91.
John Hill PO. Served HMS Ganges and HMS Vanguard. Ex-police. Standard Bearer and Chairman of Southend RNA. June.
Roy Godwin RNPS. Southend branch. June 19.
Brian Braund Stoker. Founder Member and past Branch Chairman of Bude RNA also supported Bude & Stratton RBL. July 10. Aged 81.
Reginald ‘Reg’ Baker A/LS: Served 1943-46. Margate RNA and HMS Ajax Association. June 22. Aged 92.

Association of RN Officers and RNOC
Capt Michael W Sylvester CBE. HMS President, Sultan, Seahawk, Daedalus, Nuthatch, Nelson, RM Condor, MOD DNR and DGA(N) DGPS. June 29. Aged 94.
Cdr Chris M Lightfoot. HMS Euryalus, Grenville, Ganges, Torquay, Shoulton, Dryad, Salisbury, Fisgard, Intrepid, Cochrane, Newcastle, Mercury, Fearless, Abdiel, Alderney and Centurion. June 7. Aged 67.
Lt Cdr Keith A Broach. HMS Heron, Nelson and Centurion. June 27. Aged 78.
Lt Leslie Garrett. June 6. Aged 89.
Lt Colin Taylor. June 24. Aged 80.

Submariners Association
Vice Admiral ‘Tubby’ Squires. Served 1948-81 in HM Submarines Tabard, Ambush, Aurochs, Aeneas, Porpoise, Dreadnought and Warspite, also served as FOSM. Dolphin branch. June 30. Aged 89.
John Holland AB. Served 1948-55 in HM Submarines Talent, Truncheon, Tabard, Sturdy, Tradewind and Aurochs. New Zealand branch. June 16. Aged 85.
Brian Newton EM1. Served 1956-65 in HM Submarines Tabard, Turpin, Excalibur and Sturdy. South Kent branch. June 14. Aged 80.
John Bond PO Stwd. Served 1963-75 in HM Submarines Dreadnought (63), Orpheus (64), Anchorite, Ambush (64-67), Onyx (67-72), Olympus (72-73) and Repulse (73-75). Scottish branch. June 20. Aged 69.
David ‘Dave’ Temple Sto1. Served 1943-47 in HM Submarines Scythian and Solent. Sunderland branch. July 3. Aged 90.

HMS Illustrious Association
Fred Dorning Stoker 1st Class. Served HMS Illustrious 1940-41, onboard during the bombing of the ship at Malta resulting in him being invalided out. March 30. Aged 96.
John ‘Jack’ Cranny PO. Served 1952-61 in various ships, involved in nuclear bomb tests. Author of a informative book about the Liberty Boat disaster in Portland Harbour October 17 1948 with the loss of 29 lives, and undertook the project of a memorial culminating in the unveiling in 2010. Honorary Member. March 16. Aged 82.
Adrian Ismay LRO(T) on board Illustrious 1983-84 and also served in HMS Minerva. March 16, 12 days after being injured in a terrorist bomb explosion in Belfast.
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